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PepsiCo at the World Food Prize

The World Food Prize conference addresses issues facing agriculture globally, ranging from food security to distribution to safety. Dr. Derek Yach, SVP, Global Health Policy, provides perspective on why PepsiCo was present at this year’s event: “The reason we are here is this is the premiere venue where the issues of global hunger are addressed, particularly from an agricultural perspective. As a company with a set of very deep roots in farming around the world, we believe we should be both listening and more importantly, contributing to the debate.” Hear Derek’s thoughts below on what PepsiCo learned from participating in the World Food Prize and also, what the company contributed to the discussion. Would you like to replay the video or share the link to it with your friends? Read more

World Food Prize Keynote Address

PepsiCo Chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi participated in the World Food Prize during October, providing a keynote address to attendees.  Her address focused on the critical role industry can play in helping agriculture better serve the nutritional needs of the globe, highlighting the developments PepsiCo is already making in the areas of distribution and product reformulation.  An excerpt of the speech is highlighted below, with the full text available here. […] With that as a backdrop, I think there are three specific things that we, the private sector, especially the food and beverage sector can do. We can help across the entire process of our business – from farming, to product formulation to distribution. First, we can and must share our core “farming” expertise. In the course of doing business we build a great store of knowledge on things like nutrition science, irrigation techniques and the development... Read more

The World Food Prize: Why was Pepsico There?

Des Moines is home to the World Food Prize-a celebration of the achievements of Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug for his 60 year contribution to advancing the scientific basis of actions that have reduced hunger. Each year leaders from the worlds of agriculture and nutrition gather to discuss ways of advancing Borlaug’s vision; a world free from hunger. This year was especially poignant given his death at 95 just weeks before the event. Without being there it is difficult to appreciate the extraordinary depths of love and appreciation for Borlaug that permeates the events. As a son of Iowa it was impressive to witness the Governor, the US Secretary of Agriculture and senior representatives from the State Department, Senators and leading politicians, leaders of corporations linked to agriculture including Archer Daniel Midlands, John Deere and Monsanto, academic heads of agriculture from the state and beyond open... Read more