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PepsiCo in the New Yorker

Last week, the New Yorker profiled PepsiCo. The author, John Seabrook met with several of the bloggers you may know from Food Frontiers: Mehmood Khan, Derek Yach, Greg Yep, Jonathan McIntyre, and George Mensah. There is also an accompanying podcast with the author. The article touches on a variety of PepsiCo’s innovations and R&D capabilities, including sodium. “What we discovered is that people actually taste only about twenty to twenty-five per cent of the salt we put on our chips. They swallow the rest of it without tasting it,” says Mehmood Khan in       the article. But, as the article says, reducing the amount of salt changed what flavorists call “the taste curve”—the sudden spike of saltiness on the tongue, followed by a tingling around the sides of the        mouth. So Mehmood asked, “was there a different kind of salt crystal that would produce the... Read more

PepsiCo on NPR: PepsiCo aims to chip away at sodium content with Crystal Salt

We’ve talked a lot about sodium here on Food Frontiers. Last week, a reporter from NPR’s Marketplace came to PepsiCo and met with Mehmood Khan and Greg Yep and tried some of our chips that use Crystal Salt. Check out the full report and audio link to the segment and let us know what you think! Read more

Are Public-Private Partnerships the Way to Cut Dietary Sodium?

Derek Yach, PepsiCo’s Senior Vice President, Global Health Policy, is featured on the Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog in a post called, “Are Public-Private Partnerships the Way to Cut Dietary Sodium?” In the post, Derek says sodium reduction is the nutrition-related public-health goal that “lends itself most readily to intervention.” He also says that public-private partnerships have “unparalleled potential” in this area and are the best way to tackle sodium reduction and other public health challenges. Read the complete post at the Wall Street Journal and leave a comment to let us know what you think. Read more

In Response to Questions on Sodium and Bringing Products to Market

We continue to get good questions in the comments section of this blog. Recently, we heard from a reader who wanted to know more about using different salt crystal shapes and the steps that need to take place to bring a new food product to market. Those questions can be found here. One of the things we are studying is the way a chip “holds” salt and salt perception. When you eat a chip, only about 20 percent of the salt actually dissolves on the tongue before the chip is chewed and swallowed while the other 80 percent is swallowed without contributing to the taste. Chips actually have comparable amounts of sodium (from salt) to other foods, such as breads and cereals, but those taste less salty because the salt is mixed in, while chips tend to taste more salty because the salt is usually on... Read more

A Conversation on the Sodium in Our Diet

We often receive questions about the role of sodium in the diet. It surprises people to know that dietary sodium actually has an important role in maintaining health. Sodium is an essential mineral or micronutrient which along with potassium helps to regulate the body’s fluid balance.  However, when consumed in excess (as sodium chloride or common salt), it can raise blood pressure and contribute to death and disability from heart disease and stroke. A recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 9 out of 10 Americans exceed the limit recommended for daily sodium intake. In fact, for the group of Americans whom a lower dietary intake of sodium is important, the amount of sodium consumed was more than double the recommended limit. The CDC report also showed that only 9.6% of U.S. adults were below the recommended dietary limit of 2,300... Read more