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PepsiCo in the New Yorker

Last week, the New Yorker profiled PepsiCo. The author, John Seabrook met with several of the bloggers you may know from Food Frontiers: Mehmood Khan, Derek Yach, Greg Yep, Jonathan McIntyre, and George Mensah. There is also an accompanying podcast with the author. The article touches on a variety of PepsiCo’s innovations and R&D capabilities, including sodium. “What we discovered is that people actually taste only about twenty to twenty-five per cent of the salt we put on our chips. They swallow the rest of it without tasting it,” says Mehmood Khan in       the article. But, as the article says, reducing the amount of salt changed what flavorists call “the taste curve”—the sudden spike of saltiness on the tongue, followed by a tingling around the sides of the        mouth. So Mehmood asked, “was there a different kind of salt crystal that would produce the... Read more

PepsiCo and the NY Academy of Sciences

On Monday, PepsiCo hosted a ‘company day’ at the New York Academy of Sciences. We invited 50 students and young scientists who are all in Masters, PhD or post-doc programs to spend the day with several leaders from PepsiCo’s global R&D team. Through panel discussions, roundtables, and one-on-one interactions students learned about research opportunities and our efforts to develop products using science-based nutrition. Read more

PepsiCo at TEDMED

Last week, several colleagues and I attended TEDMED in San Diego. It was my first time at the conference and, as you'll see in the video below, I enjoy conferences like TEDMED because I believe that I have never stopped being a student. I went to San Diego to listen, learn, and meet as many people as possible. At TEDMED you get the latest ideas and cutting edge thinking from a variety of different disciplines. Read more

‘Performance with Purpose’ at PepsiCo’s Senior Management Meeting

In this short, one minute video, Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo’s Chief Scientific Officer talks about ‘Performance with Purpose’ at PepsiCo’s Senior Management Meeting in Orlando last week. Would you like to replay the video or share the link to it with your friends? Read more

The Promise of PepsiCo: Announcing Global Goals

I’m writing from Yankee Stadium in New York City – the site of PepsiCo’s investor meeting this year – where we just announced global goals in the areas of human, environment, and talent sustainability. It’s a momentous day for our company as we make these bold commitments that push the limits of what’s achievable for a global food and beverage business. These goals are a critical part of our Performance with Purpose mission.  Performance with Purpose is PepsiCo’s promise to deliver sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet. As a global food and beverage company with brands that stand for quality and are respected household names—Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Gatorade, Lay’s and Pepsi-Cola, to name a few—we will continue to build a portfolio of enjoyable and wholesome foods and beverages, find innovative ways to reduce the use of energy, water and packaging,... Read more

PepsiCo at the Food and Health Entrepreneurship Academy

PepsiCo showed up at the University of California, Davis Center for Entrepreneurship this week as a sponsor and participant in the Food and Health Entrepreneurship Academy. The academy attracts scientists in the fields of nutrition, viticulture and enology, plant science, biochemistry, nutritional genomics and fields relevant to foods for health. The discussions involved taking scientific ideas and turning them into viable business opportunities. I believe that PepsiCo is in the midst of an inspiring evolution that is leading the company to better provide consumers with more compelling product offerings, including nutrient-dense food and beverages that are affordable and accessible. My colleagues and I found participation in this event helped us to refresh our ideas, rethink the talent required to deliver, and work to redefine our business to keep it vibrant. At PepsiCo we are firm believers that the solutions to complex social problems like obesity and hunger... Read more

PepsiCo receives “Sustainability Award” at New York Academy of Sciences Gala

At the New York Academy of Sciences’ sixth annual Science & the City Gala, Indra Nooyi accepted the “Sustainability Award” on PepsiCo’s behalf, alongside Rajendra Pachauri, chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Nobel Laureate. The theme of this year’s gala was “Sustainable Cities.” It was a gathering of renowned thought leaders and leaders of the scientific community, including seven Nobel Laureates and many talented young researchers.The New York Academy of Sciences also presented the third annual Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists Read more

PepsiCo at the World Food Prize

The World Food Prize conference addresses issues facing agriculture globally, ranging from food security to distribution to safety. Dr. Derek Yach, SVP, Global Health Policy, provides perspective on why PepsiCo was present at this year’s event: “The reason we are here is this is the premiere venue where the issues of global hunger are addressed, particularly from an agricultural perspective. As a company with a set of very deep roots in farming around the world, we believe we should be both listening and more importantly, contributing to the debate.” Hear Derek’s thoughts below on what PepsiCo learned from participating in the World Food Prize and also, what the company contributed to the discussion. Would you like to replay the video or share the link to it with your friends? Read more

ICN Q&A With Dondeena Bradley

Why is it important for PepsiCo to be at ICN? Historically, the mission of addressing hunger/obesity has been the province of governments, NGOs and nonprofits. The world has dramatically changed and we all have a responsibility and an opportunity to participate in finding a solution. When I say “we,” I refer to academics, nutritionists, clinical scientists and, yes, to food companies like PepsiCo. As one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, we believe it is our responsibility to understand the diverse nutrition needs of populations around the world and to consequently offer a wide range of food, snacks and beverages that address those needs. Attending meetings as the International Congress of Nutrition is a key step in that understanding process, as we can use this unique opportunity to connect with peers, with colleagues, and with young research scientists from around the world. What can PepsiCo... Read more

Why I Joined PepsiCo

I’ve been a practicing physician for 27 years specializing in endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition including many years spent at the University of MN and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, as well as serving as R&D President of a major pharmaceutical company. When the opportunity was presented to become PepsiCo’s first-ever Chief Scientific Officer, I was intrigued. Upon meeting with Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo chairman and CEO, I knew that combined with the companies strengths and vision I could make a unique contribution to one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. PepsiCo is a global company truly committed to making a positive impact on the world’s population faced with serious nutrition challenges, including under-nutrition and obesity. Every day, we act on that commitment through the wide variety of products we offer, the public-private partnerships we lead and engage with and the global health initiatives we actively... Read more

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