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Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

This post is co-authored by Jose Luis Prado, President, Quaker Foods and Snacks North America, PepsiCo // Eating a healthy breakfast is a fundamental step in building a nutritious, total diet that meets the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans. A growing body of research supports eating breakfast regularly for heart health, lower body weight and improved overall diet quality. Breakfast consumers tend to have higher micronutrient intakes, partly because of the fortification of breakfast cereals, and have a better macronutrient profile than “breakfast skippers” (1). Studies in children suggest that breakfast eaters are more likely to meet daily nutrient intake guidelines compared with children who eat breakfast infrequently or skip breakfast (2). Evidence suggests that regular breakfast consumers also have healthier body weights than those who skip breakfast (3). It has been suggested that skipping breakfast may lead to overall greater levels of hunger later in the... Read more

PepsiCo Academy of Science Awards: Quaker R&D in China

As Mehmood Khan blogged earlier this fall, we were excited to recognize members of our global R&D team at PepsiCo’s first Academy of Science awards in September. One of the groups we highlighted is the Quaker R&D team, which worked in China on a cereal that is sourced locally and appeals to the local palette. While Quaker Oatmeal is a popular breakfast food here in the United States, other types of hot cereals are popular in other parts of the world. In China, a local porridge called “congee” is a traditional breakfast food. Chinese consumers generally dislike the texture and taste of oatmeal, finding it coarse and bland. With that in mind, the Quaker R&D team began work on a product that would have a smooth texture and glossy appearance similar to that of congee. The result is a Quaker oat-based product that uses... Read more

Celebrating PepsiCo’s Commitment to R&D

As I’ve mentioned before, PepsiCo has made ambitious commitments to reduce added sugar, sodium and fat across our food and beverage portfolio while increasing whole grains, fruits and vegetables (Learn more about these goals and commitments). R&D plays a central role within PepsiCo, and our dedication to scientific innovation will help make these commitments a reality. Last week, as part of our inaugural “PepsiCo Academy of Sciences” award celebration, we honored some of the brightest scientific minds across PepsiCo – the cornerstones of our R&D function – who are helping us progress toward these ambitious goals.  These scientists are involved in extraordinary projects – from technological and product breakthroughs to solutions that solve cultural, flavor or textural challenges. Their ingenuity and dedication are bringing better-tasting, more nutritious products and more environmentally friendly packaging to our millions of consumers around the globe. At the event, which took place... Read more

PepsiCo Leading Discussion of Food Industry’s Role in Promoting Heart Health at the World Congress of Cardiology

(Beijing, China, June 17, 2010) The latest scientific research into cardiovascular disease and the role the food industry can play in promoting heart health is the focus of a symposium series that the Quaker Oats Company and PepsiCo are hosting at the World Congress of Cardiology 2010 in Beijing on June 16-19.  Quaker is a division of PepsiCo. This is the first time the World Heart Federation is holding the WCC in China, working in partnership with the Chinese Society of Cardiology and the Chinese Medical Association.  A recent article in a journal of the American Heart Association points to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) as an urgent global public health problem that claimed more than 17 million lives in 2004. More then 230 million Chinese have some form of CVD, resulting in an annual toll of 2 million heart attacks, 7 million strokes, and 3 million deaths. The... Read more