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Q&A with Mehmood Khan in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Earlier this month, Mehmood Khan spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about research into new salt, beverage sweeteners, bottles made from orange peels, compostable chip bags and “drinkable oats.” Mehmood ended the interview by saying, “You learn, you continue
 to improve, you stay ahead.” Read the whole interview to find out more. Read more

PepsiCo’s new Global Nutrition Group

Our chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, made an exciting announcement today about the newly established Global Nutrition Group (GNG) and I wanted to take a moment to recognize this historic step for the company. It is no secret that we are making efforts to triple our business in our “good-for-you” (GFY) product portfolio by 2020. Public health is a focus for every one of our stakeholders – consumers, investors, and regulators. With the GNG, we have the opportunity to define a new leadership role in foods and beverages based not only on taste, but on science-based health, wellness and functionality. Our mission is to establish PepsiCo as the leading provider of GFY food and beverages that are great tasting, wholesome, accessible, affordable and advantaged by science. The R&D organization will remain with me to complete the transformation that will enable efficient technology transfer across all of PepsiCo’s businesses. In... Read more