PepsiCo at the Food and Health Entrepreneurship Academy

PepsiCo showed up at the University of California, Davis Center for Entrepreneurship this week as a sponsor and participant in the Food and Health Entrepreneurship Academy. The academy attracts scientists in the fields of nutrition, viticulture and enology, plant science, biochemistry, nutritional genomics and fields relevant to foods for health. The discussions involved taking scientific ideas and turning them into viable business opportunities. I believe that PepsiCo is in the midst of an inspiring evolution that is leading the company to better provide consumers with more compelling product offerings, including nutrient-dense food and beverages that are affordable and accessible. My colleagues and I found participation in this event helped us to refresh our ideas, rethink the talent required to deliver, and work to redefine our business to keep it vibrant. At PepsiCo we are firm believers that the solutions to complex social problems like obesity and hunger... Read more