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Scaling up in Agriculture, Rural Development and Nutrition

In our agricultural work our ability to build on success in one region and apply it elsewhere helps us ensure a reliable supply of raw materials that meet cost and quality standards. This ability to scale is important when we expand to new markets and create new products that need a sustainable agricultural supply chain to provide raw material ingredients. Read more

NYAS Nutrition Science Event

Last Thursday and Friday, the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science held an event, Global Capacity Building in Nutrition Science: Training Future Practitioners, Empowering Future Leaders, at the New York Academy of Sciences. PepsiCo associates in Global Health and Agriculture Policy, Nutrition, and Advanced Research attend the event; Derek Yach, SVP of Global Health and Agriculture Policy, gave a talk titled 21st century pressures to feed the world sustainably demand new approaches to, and increased investments in, human and institutional nutrition capacity. Read more

Chickpea Growing Techniques

We are experimenting with several new irrigation techniques that will help expand the seasons that chickpeas can be grown in Ethiopia as a way to increase yields by planting more times during the year. Read more

Pilot Phase of Enterprise EthioPEA

We are in pilot phase now and are testing a variety of methods – irrigation, fertilizer, seed spacing, seed variety – to see what combination provides best yield for farmers. Later in 2012, another crop will be planted, based on these new learnings. Read more

Derek Yach at the 2011 World Forum On Enterprise and Environment

Derek Yach recently moderated several sessions at the 2011 World Forum On Enterprise and Environment in Oxford, England. He noted a main agreement by attendees was a critical need for health professionals and food companies to consider how we build better links to biodiversity through promoting more diverse diets and the use of ingredients drawn from diverse eco-zones. To learn more about the event, please see this video of Derek from the forum. Read more

New Reports with Profound Implications for PepsiCo’s Approach to Food and Farming

Two reports were recently released within a week of each other that highlight the continued presence of hunger in a world where obesity is increasing, and the long-term consequences for the environment given current farming practices in many parts of the world. Both are worth reading and have implications for PepsiCo. The first report, ‘2011 State of the World: Innovations that Nourish the Planet’, was produced by the Worldwatch Institute. The report is based on two years of extensive reviews of farming and food across Africa. It highlights the centrality of women as the major contributors to farming, the massive post harvest losses that remain common, and the importance of taking an ecological approach to addressing soil health. It is illustrated with many optimistic stories of real progress in boosting productivity in a continent that contains over 250 million of the world’s 1 billion hungry. The second... Read more