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PepsiCo Academy of Science Awards: Gatorade Protein Drink

As Mehmood Khan wrote last fall, we honored several members of our R&D team at PepsiCo’s inaugural Academy of Science awards in September. We have previously highlighted a team that took a classic Indian drink called “nimbu paani” and packaged it for on-the-go consumers, and another that worked in China on a locally sourced cereal that appeals to the local palette. Today we wanted to recognize another team for its development of a new Gatorade product for use after workouts. Recovery is a critical step for the body after a workout. Basically, adapting to the repeated stress of exercise applied during workouts is how performance is improved. Protein provides the amino acids muscles need to rebuild and repair, while carbohydrates replenish the muscle’s energy stores. The goal of the project was to develop a refreshing beverage, to be consumed post-workout, that delivered the protein and carbohydrates needed to... Read more

PepsiCo Academy of Science Awards: Quaker R&D in China

As Mehmood Khan blogged earlier this fall, we were excited to recognize members of our global R&D team at PepsiCo’s first Academy of Science awards in September. One of the groups we highlighted is the Quaker R&D team, which worked in China on a cereal that is sourced locally and appeals to the local palette. While Quaker Oatmeal is a popular breakfast food here in the United States, other types of hot cereals are popular in other parts of the world. In China, a local porridge called “congee” is a traditional breakfast food. Chinese consumers generally dislike the texture and taste of oatmeal, finding it coarse and bland. With that in mind, the Quaker R&D team began work on a product that would have a smooth texture and glossy appearance similar to that of congee. The result is a Quaker oat-based product that uses... Read more

PepsiCo and the NY Academy of Sciences

On Monday, PepsiCo hosted a ‘company day’ at the New York Academy of Sciences. We invited 50 students and young scientists who are all in Masters, PhD or post-doc programs to spend the day with several leaders from PepsiCo’s global R&D team. Through panel discussions, roundtables, and one-on-one interactions students learned about research opportunities and our efforts to develop products using science-based nutrition. Read more

PepsiCo Supports Scientists Without Borders’ Undernutrition Challenge

Co-Authored by Tara Acharya, Senior Manager, Global Health Policy, PepsiCo // Undernutrition is one of the world’s most serious and least addressed global health and development problems. As a global food and beverage company, PepsiCo believes it can play an important role in reducing the human and economic costs of the issue. Women and children are undernutrition’s biggest victims and, along with other development challenges, undernutrition causes an estimated 3.5 million preventable maternal and child deaths a year.  Folate deficiency, which contributes to premature birth, low birthweight and neural tube defects in infants, plays a crucial role in undernutrition. The human body requires folate to manufacture erythrocytes, synthesize DNA, and to regulate normal growth. The recommended daily intake for young women is 400 mg. Poor overall nutrition and lack of access to folate-enriched food products present a critical barrier to women in developing countries. As part of the... Read more

PepsiCo Academy of Science Awards: Nimbooz™ by 7UP

As Mehmood Khan wrote last month, the inaugural PepsiCo Academy of Science awards were held in September. He said we'd be telling you more about some of the innovations we recognized and today it's my pleasure to highlight some of the R&D behind our Nimbooz™ product. By way of background, about one percent of beverages consumed in India are in packages - the other 99 percent come from street vendors or are prepared in the home. Despite this tradition, the on-the-go consumer in India still has a need for a packaged beverage. Read more

Celebrating PepsiCo’s Commitment to R&D

As I’ve mentioned before, PepsiCo has made ambitious commitments to reduce added sugar, sodium and fat across our food and beverage portfolio while increasing whole grains, fruits and vegetables (Learn more about these goals and commitments). R&D plays a central role within PepsiCo, and our dedication to scientific innovation will help make these commitments a reality. Last week, as part of our inaugural “PepsiCo Academy of Sciences” award celebration, we honored some of the brightest scientific minds across PepsiCo – the cornerstones of our R&D function – who are helping us progress toward these ambitious goals.  These scientists are involved in extraordinary projects – from technological and product breakthroughs to solutions that solve cultural, flavor or textural challenges. Their ingenuity and dedication are bringing better-tasting, more nutritious products and more environmentally friendly packaging to our millions of consumers around the globe. At the event, which took place... Read more