Improving Health and Wellness through Taste Receptor Technology

Taste receptor technology recently landed at PepsiCo in the form of a development agreement with Senomyx Corp. (SNMX), a biotechnology company that is a leader in applying taste receptor technology to real-world solutions.  As PepsiCo’s primary expert in taste receptor research, I’d like to start the discussion on taste receptor technology and how it will transform our collective future. Detecting environmental nutrients and toxins are one of the most fundamental and primordial biological functions. Life evolved a host of mechanisms to communicate chemical information from the environment to elicit cellular responses that provide an advantage in avoiding or seeking the chemical signatures of foods, mates, toxins, etc. The proteins involved in sensing are the super family called G protein Coupled Receptors or GPRCs. Even photosynthetic bacteria have a GPCR called bacteriorhodopsin that capture a photon of light and cause the bacteria to swim toward the light source.... Read more