Publish or Perish in the World of Corporate Research

Industry legislation will undoubtedly encourage food and beverage companies to validate packaging label claims in a more scientifically comprehensive manner in the future. The advent of “cosmeceuticals,” for example — a mix of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals — has led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require the cosmetics industry to publish data on new lines of development. Typically, this takes the form of scientific journal articles to support the health and wellness claims being offered by the new product. Similar to cosmeceuticals, the term “nutraceutical” — a combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical — has become more common as a way to describe a food product that provides health and medical benefits. This is another new area of product development under increasing regulatory surveillance. The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to the FDA’s regulatory requirements. “Big Pharma” corporations are, more often, substantiating their credibility and position in... Read more