Last Thursday and Friday, the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science held an event, Global Capacity Building in Nutrition Science: Training Future Practitioners, Empowering Future Leaders, at the New York Academy of Sciences.  PepsiCo associates in Global Health and Agriculture Policy, Nutrition, and Advanced Research attend the event; Derek Yach, SVP of Global Health and Agriculture Policy, gave a talk titled 21st century pressures to feed the world sustainably demand new approaches to, and increased investments in, human and institutional nutrition capacity.

Derek discussed the importance of broadening nutrition science to handle the complex issues facing the world, including development, health and security.  Derek stressed four capabilities critical for future nutrition scientists:

  1. A solid grounding in the breadth of sciences, including seed and agricultural technology, food processing, and development across the lifespan
  2. An understanding of the links between nutrition, agriculture and the environment
  3. Insights into what motivates farmers to grow what they grow, what motivates companies make and market their products, and what motivates consumer food choices
  4. Interpersonal strengths to build and sustain complex partnerships between disciplines and institutions

In support of PepsiCo’s commitment to nutrition science capacity development, the PepsiCo is planning focused support to Stellenbosch University in South Africa this year.