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At TEDxOrangeCoast: Getting addicted to health

Each year, millions of people are told to change the way they eat for better health. Why?  The bulk of medical spending is tied to lifestyle diseases, like heart disease, all of which are said to be preventable — if we just took better care of ourselves. I have been studying and observing people’s relationship with food for the past twenty years. We all generally accept the fact that what we eat and how we live affect our body and our health.  DON’T WE?!  So now I am more intrigued with another very important question — how can we create a society that’s addicted to health. The current conversation around nutrition isn’t very inspiring.  It’s no wonder (1) Experts rarely agree on nutrition science; (2) Media bombards us with conflicting reports; (3) Most doctors don’t have the time to talk about it.  Most of what we hear... Read more

Derek Yach at the 2011 World Forum On Enterprise and Environment

Derek Yach recently moderated several sessions at the 2011 World Forum On Enterprise and Environment in Oxford, England. He noted a main agreement by attendees was a critical need for health professionals and food companies to consider how we build better links to biodiversity through promoting more diverse diets and the use of ingredients drawn from diverse eco-zones. To learn more about the event, please see this video of Derek from the forum. Read more