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Chicago Tribune: Dr. Mehmood Khan taking on the PepsiCo nutritional challenge

The Chicago Tribune recently profiled Mehmood Khan. In the article Mehmood said, among other things, that a healthy lifestyle, “is all about balance.” That means there are no “bad” foods, but some of them you just shouldn’t eat all of the time. Go to the article for the full story. Read more

Q&A with Mehmood Khan in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Earlier this month, Mehmood Khan spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about research into new salt, beverage sweeteners, bottles made from orange peels, compostable chip bags and “drinkable oats.” Mehmood ended the interview by saying, “You learn, you continue
 to improve, you stay ahead.” Read the whole interview to find out more. Read more

PepsiCo at the World Health Assembly

I recently attended the World Health Assembly, the annual meeting of the decision making body of WHO. I went as part of the Global Health Council delegation, along with a team from PepsiCo.  Non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention and control was a main topic this year in the lead up to a High Level meeting to be held at the UN in September 2011 on NCDs, specifically cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer. The High Level Meeting is the chance to put NCDs on the global agenda and secure commitments from governments, and NCD advocates. We hope that this meeting will result in similarly strong outcomes as seen in the 2001 UNAIDS meeting. The World Health Assembly discussion focused on the need for a multisectoral approach to NCD solutions.  As providers of food, medicines, medical technologies, sporting equipment and more, the private sector has the... Read more