At PepsiCo, we believe that it is our responsibility to understand the diverse nutrition needs of populations around the world and to offer a wide range of food, snacks and beverages that address those needs. To do that, we’re changing the way we innovate.

Our overall goal is to deliver more nutrition per calorie in the products we offer and we’re acting on that commitment.

The good news is that our products begin with natural goodness – oats, wheat, potatoes, lentils, oranges, apples, nuts and seeds. Think about it. We make some of the world’s favorite brands: Tropicana orange juice and Quaker Oats oatmeal in many countries across the globe, SunChips multi-grain snacks in the U.S., Stila oat and fruit bars in Mexico, Lebedyansky juice in Russia, and we’re the largest seller of packaged nuts and seeds outside the U.S.

We’re working to deliver healthier nutrition per calorie by using healthier oils, reducing sodium and added sugars, baking instead of frying, using natural sweeteners and introducing products with more whole grains, protein, fiber, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Since 2003, we’ve made great strides in improving the fats in our products by switching to healthier oils like corn and sunflower oils. We were the first major food company to remove trans fats from our snack chip portfolio by converting to corn oil. We reduced the saturated fat in our potato chips by switching to sunflower oil. In the UK and Europe, we’ve introduced Baked Walkers and Baked Lay’s with 70% less total fat than regular crisps. And between 2005-2009, Walkers reduced the level of saturates by up to 80% — this removed 40,000 tons of saturated fat from the British diet. The core challenge in the transition to healthier oils across our global portfolio is a limited supply and relatively higher costs.

In the next two years, we’ll have reduced sodium by up to 25% in core potato chip/crisp brands like Walkers and Lay’s in key regions. Today, we have reduced sodium levels by between 25%-55% across our Walkers’ portfolio and between 2005-2008, our UK business has removed 2,400 tons of salt from British diet. In Asia and the Middle East, we’re using mixtures of mineral salts and/or spices to enhance flavors and reduce sodium.

We’re also developing innovative solutions to reduce added sugars to our beverages. We are the first major company to introduce a zero-calorie, all natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. SoBe Life Water continues to be a winner in the marketplace. In the U.S., Tropicana’s Trop 50 now available with 50% less sugar and calories and Quaker Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal contains 50% less sugar than regular instant oatmeal.  With the significant investment on going in our long term research and physiology, we hope to boost our pipeline of ingredient options as we transform our portfolio of products.  This is truly an exciting time to be at PepsiCo as we look to grow our company and positively contribute to the wellness of our consumers.  This is Performance with Purpose.

As you can see, PepsiCo is working hard to improve the nutritional profile of our products.  And, we’re not finished by any means.  In the months ahead, I’ll be sharing news of even more innovation in the global marketplace.